What Are They Saying?

Business coaching Client:

    "Eleni is an amazing business coach. I have worked in business for 30 years and previously owned a small business. Although I had been thinking about starting another small business, I just couldn’t get focused. And then I met with Eleni.

      She is super positive, creative, and high energy. She has excellent business know how which is inspirational. Eleni put on paper all the steps that I needed to do to get organized and get going. She shared her experiences from her own businesses, which gave me ideas for my own, and best practices to use for marketing. From the time that I met with Eleni until now I have been both working and going to school full-time so I am just beginning to implement the plans that she drafted based on our meetings. My success will be based on my follow through and Eleni is there to support me.

     Her awesomeness is hard to put into words!"

Mary Needham

A team member for Kids in Motion:

      "I began working for Eleni at a very low time in my life. I was newly divorced with three small children. She worked with me and helped me to network with other fitness professionals to train and become a successful children's fitness teacher. This is one of my dream jobs that has brought me a lot of joy and income to support my family. Over the last five years, she has recognized my skills and helped me to develop my potential. With her coaching, I was able to expand my skills and offer children's birthday parties and become an administrative assistant. I worked first as an administrative assistant for Eleni's company and have now moved on to an administrative position within a school district. She encouraged me to be a leader and I am now working on a Masters of Art in Organizational Leadership. Eleni has supported and encouraged me every step of the way. She is very responsive, honest, and genuinely caring. She has helped me to have the courage to take big steps forward and she has made a big difference in my life."

Jennifer Wallace

A team member for Kids in Motion:

       "I started teaching kids after school yoga four years ago. I began teaching with Kids in Motion in the fall of 2017. During this time, I have been impressed with the program and its management. Eleni is well organized and provides all logistics for classes, students, and points of contacts. She is super responsive to questions or concerns and always provides feedback within 24 hours, either by text, phone, or email. She prioritizes the children’s experience and safety by ensuring any on-site coordinators, provided by the school, are aware of the program, teacher, location of the class, and has detailed rosters. Eleni excels at coordinating and communicating between the school, staff, and the yoga team so that everyone is on the same page. This reduces any communication concerns and encourages transparency between all parties.

       She also created training materials that include many videos from her extensive You Tube Channel. I have a fantastic time teaching for Kids in Motion. I look forward to working with her company next school year."

Jennifer Munroe

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