What Do I Provide?

Business Coaching


Do you want to start a business? Struggling to keep your business afloat? Do you have a business you want to grow? I can help with sales, leadership, time management, delegation, goal setting, staff management, budgeting, day to day problem solving, efficiency, operations, and much more. 


Contact me for a no cost 30 minute introductory call. I can share with my success in my business Kids in Motion business novakidsinmotion.com and what I have done and learned to get to where I am now. I will talk with you about what you are looking for and the areas you are looking to improve or change. 


After a video call and our first meeting, we will create a plan together to get your business to where you want it. My job is to help you set and reach milestones so you can achieve great success. I want to help you strategize, keep you motivated and on track to reach all your business goals and achieve financial freedom.

personal Coaching


What is it that's holding you down? That is where I want to lift you up. I believe in you and your abilities, especially in those moments when you doubt yourself the most. I will help you get clear on your vision, organize priorities, and shift you in a positive direction.


There are many areas in my life where I had to motivate myself to change. I know how hard it can be. I know how tiring and overwhelming it can feel. 


Do you need to find your direction, reach a personal goal, increase your confidence, boost your overall well being, take off for an adventure overseas, or just find a level of happiness that is missing? 


Contact me for a no cost 30 minute introductory call. I will share with you my own experiences in healing physical and emotional obstacles, all the personal goals I set for myself on a regular basis and how I reach them. We will come up with an action plan for you to follow, I will motivate you along the way, and help you stay on track to reach optimal success. 

Motivational and businees caoching.

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