My name is Eleni and I am a business coach, personal coach, and speaker. I am committed to helping individuals break free from their chains and find freedom in their lives. My job is to encourage, motivate, and compel people to shift their life in a positive, successful direction. Many people are reasonably afraid of change, especially when it means going for what you want. I want to help you find and develop the courage to start that new business, apply for that promotion, go on the adventure of your dreams, or go boldly towards any other goal you have. We have only one life to live with opportunities all around us. I am that voice of encouragement to motivate the confidence and bravery in you to do what you have always dreamed of. 

I meet one-on-one with clients in Northern VA.
I also meet with clients via video chat. I'm excited to meet you and help you fulfill your goals and aspirations.  If you are serious about changing your personal or financial life, contact me today. 

Eleni Theodorakos is the owner of ICompel. She provides motivationla and business coaching.
Motivational and businees caoching.

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